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To all staff of Adway construction Group,

We welcome our friends with great wine, every immortal contributes to the Adway Group.

Welcome to join Adway Group being one member of this team. Let us work together to build "Adway" brand, to pass "Adway" card to the community. "The decoration carrying love from Adway dedicates to quality and to perfection" is the company's brand philosophy, but also our eternal pursuit. "Integrity, beyond, dedication, efficiency," is the company's purposes, also is the cornerstone of our success.

The structure of the Group sets the post, the post sets staff, the performance determines treatments, the excellence and inferiority speaks rewards and punishments, the management determines system. Adway provides a stage to fully display staff’s talents for having both ability and political integrity. The Group has been established a common mechanism for development of both the group and staff, so that the progress of staff and the development of Adway can be fully reflected and achieved for win-win situation.

Adway staff should understand that the brand image of Adway relies on every Adway people to shape and maintain. We should have a good professional ethics and quality, proactive work and learning attitude. We should also scientifically manage our work schedule with reasonable work-life-balance, and make continuous development. Therefore, every Adway staff should be fully aware of the importance of job responsibilities, dedication, unity, innovation, and development, Only in this way can we work together to create a Pragmatic, efficient,high-quality and harmonious team which makes Adway as stronger, bigger, exquisite, vivid pilot in construction decoration industry.

Adway encourages every employee to set a career goal and we are willing to work with you to develop a career plan for your personal development, and fully tap your personal potential to help you realize the value of life.

I wish you all a happy day at work!

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