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2017 China Building Decoration Industrial Development Forum ﹠The 7th China International Space Design Competition(China Building Decoration Design Award) Held in Shenzhen
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Sponsored by the China Building Decoration Association, hosted by Futian District Party Committee and Shenzhen Futian District People's Government, the "2017 China Building Decoration Industrial Development Forum The 7th China International Space Design Competition " was held in Wuzhou Hotel, Shenzhen, on June 8 to June 9, 2017. The industry top forum and awards ceremony were a major review and an enhance for the Shenzhen Futian architectural design industry. The forum offers intellectual support and ideological leadership for international transformation of decoration industry.

Mr. Liu Xiaoyi, executive Chairman and Secretary of the China Building Decoration Association, Xiao Yafei, Futian District Party Secretary, Gao Shengyuan, Futian District Governor, Vice Chairman of the China Building Decoration Association, Tian Siming, Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Design Committee, Liu Yuan, Chief Economist Zhu Shijun; Chairman and President of Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Ye Yujing, and executive vice president of Ye Guofeng and other decorative entrepreneurs from all over the country, outstanding designers, gathered together to witness the highest honor of Chinese architectural design.

Mr.Ye Yujing, Chairman and President of Adway Construction Group, attended this event

Chinese architectural decoration to see Shenzhen, Shenzhen decoration to see Futian

Mr.Ye Yujing, chairman and president of Adway Construction Group attended the 2017 China Building Decoration Industrial Development Forum, and also attended the Futian District Government Decoration Industry Policy Symposium. Mr. Ye said Futian is a place gathering decorative design talent providing a strong talent support for the development of the company. Futian's industry development policies include talent house support, designer awards, etc., to help enterprises to cultivate talent, retain talent. Futian industrial capital policy resures the funds to support the first-line high-quality enterprises to support the real economy bigger and stronger.

It is reported that the building decoration industry is an important industry in Futian District. There are more than 50 decoration enterprises in Futian District selected “China Building Decoration Top One Hundred Enterprises” since evaluation activities 14 years on held by China Building Decoration Association. Design is the leader and internal driving force for decorative industry development. Futian District cultural industry value of 312.28 billion yuan accounted for 8.8% of the region's GDP in 2006, while the creative design industry accounted for more than 70% of the region's cultural industry output value, of which Advantages are mainly concentrated in the building decoration, fashion industry, industrial design and other fields.

Executive vice president of Adway Construction Group presented the silver winners

The China Building Decoration Design Competition results announced on evening of June 9. Futian District architectural decoration enterprises and designers received a number of awards including the gold award, with 5132 sets of entries collected throughout the country. Mr. Ye Guofeng, executive vice president of Guangdong adway Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., presented the trophy and honor certificate for the winners of the 7th China International Space Design Contest (China Building Decoration Design Award).


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