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Adway Construction Group rewarded:
Published:2018/5/14 Views:16229

Adway Construction Group rewarded: "Innovative Pioneer Enterprise" and "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility"

Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Conference & the 2017 Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Industry Association was held at Wuzhou Hotel,Shenzhen, on January 12. Gu Xiulian, vice Chairperson of the Tenth National People's Congress Standing Committee, director of China Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, and honorary President of China Industrial Economics Federation, Lin Zongtang, former Minister of Aerospace Industry, Supreme Consultant of Shenzhen Industry Association, Zhang Guoying, director of Guangdong Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, former director of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Congress, and other leaders attended the annual meeting. Adway Construction Group was invited to attend the event.


The 3rd Shenzhen Industrial Award, the 16th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record, and the 2nd "Shenzhen Baiyou Craftsmen" and "Shenzhen Craftsmen Training Demonstration Unit" were held at the annual meeting. At the award ceremony, Adway Construction Group won two awards: "Innovative Pioneer Enterprise" and "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility". Adway was also awarded a number of "The Sixteenth Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record".


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