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Futian District Enterprise Development Service Center Leaders visiting Adway
Published:2018/6/28 Views:22864

On the afternoon of August 15, 2018, Ye Weiqiang, deputy director of Futian District Enterprise Development Service Center, led a group of four people to the research of Adway. The company's chairman,Ye Yujing and the director of research department Mo Hua warmly received the group.


During the research process, two parts mainly exchanged opinions on the development direction and current situation of the company. Our company appealed: first, we hope the government can support the help of Adway to build its own office building in Futian District; second, the industry has a shortage of human resources professionals. Professional talents are unbearable the high housing prices, high rents, leading the lose of human resource; third, the State Council has repeatedly canceled the relevant qualification certificates, but the actual operation, the policy can not be landed. Endless certificate examinations, continuing education, auditing, etc., invisibly increased the company's operating costs; fourth, the social insurance premiums remain high, the burden of enterprises and employees is heavy. The company has low profits and heavy burdens, and cannot develop its business very well. We hope that the government could strengthen the burden reduction of enterprises and increase the support for enterprises.


Ye Weiqiang carefully listened to the appeals and suggestions of Chairman Ye Yujing and Director Mo Hua, and stated that the situation reflected by the company would be reported to the leaders of the district government and implemented.


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