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Futian Another Enterprise Listed
Published:2016/12/28 Views:9778
(Shenzhen City News)   Listed company is a typical representative in the industry. The number of listed company reflects the regional competitiveness. The day before yesterday, the reporter was informed that Adway construction (Group), whose headquarter is located in Futian,Shenzhen, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, holding the international capital which inputs a strong energy into the development of green and intelligent decoration to Adway.
It is reported that building headquarter for listed company has been the goal of Futian.Until 2014, the number of listed company has broken through 100, becoming an important incubator base for listed companies in Shenzhen. In a new round development of Shenzhen, Futian District will strive to create a high-quality integrated urban environment, with the same standard of Hong Kong Central, making it become the most investment-oriented and first-class international city center.

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