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Adway Listed in Hongkong, Being Pilot of Green Low-Carbon Building
Published:2016/12/28 Views:9990

Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) celebrates its return banquet of being listed company in Hong Kong & the 20th Anniversary Celebration Party in Shangri-La Hotel, Futian, Shenzhen on the evening of December 24. 
Hundreds of guests from home and abroad have witnessed together the pride of being listed company and the growth of the company. Leaders and business partners from building decoration industry attend the celebration party and send blessing for Adway.

Adway will become the leader in green low-carbon building decoration under the power of the capital market. Adway construction (Group), whose headquarter is located in Futian, Shenzhen, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 25, 2016, holding the international capital which inputs a strong energy into its development of green and Intelligent decoration.

It only just takes 3 years from the preparation of the listing to successfully landed on the HKEX main board with high-quality innovative business model and stable profit targets. The founder of the group, Mr Ye Yujing started construction, decoration, mechanical and electrical installation, curtain wall engineering, fire safety engineering and other fields leading a private construction team. Now it has been 20 years and Adway has became the top 100 in the national building decoration industry.

Ye Yujing, the Chairman of the Board and the president of Adway Construction Group, said in his speech that being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange can bring a solid capital strength and international management model into the future development of the Group. The Group will take this opportunity to continue to expand the domestic market network, continue to develop the main business, strengthen research and design capabilities, to be the industry leader in the field of intelligent and  technological building decoration.

The company's business will conform to the trend of urban green building development, and vigorously develop the new factory decoration of the new technology and 3D printing new technology to be integrator for creating green boutique building online and offline. In the future development, the company will make use of capital advantages to make breakthroughs in reorganization of capital and property . It will open up, enlarge and strengthen its advantages under international industrial pattern of "One Belt and One Road" to advance its green, intelligent and international development.

Adway Construction Group was established in 1996, and has been involved in the building decoration industry for 20 years. It is a comprehensive ecological building decoration company which is mainly in research, design and operation including building decoration engineering, curtain wall engineering and fire safety engineering, at the same time, the e-commerce platform of building decoration materials and equipments. The group rankes first in health and medical building decoration and is top 20 in building decoration industry.  
The company ranks among the top 100 enterprises in China's building decoration industry. The comprehensive ranking has been increasing year by year. Among them, it was ranked the 22nd in Top 100 in 2012 , and in 2013, it was awarded the high-tech enterprise with 25 awards at national level.
The Group also has won the Shou contract re-credit enterprise, the national customer satisfaction enterprises, the best health professional decorative enterprises, such as the honor.

Adway Group’s clients includes state-owned enterprises, government, agencies and institutions, listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises, real estate developers and property management companies. The business network covers major cities across the country, in 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and has three wholly-owned subsidiaries and 18 branches.
From Jin Zhan Jewelry Square to the Southwest IT Industrial Park, from Shenzhen Bona International Studios to the Yangtze River Gold 5 luxury cruise, Adway Love Weiwei has written a piece of professional wisdom of architectural decoration works in the Chinese city development map. Adway obtains one another Gold Cup with sweat and wisdom, but also leaves a good reputation and impression to clients. The remaining projects of the company had won several national architectural decoration awards.

Only in the 2014, Adway Construction Group, with exquisite engineering design and construction technology, a number of projects were honored award in National Building Decoration Industry "Science and Technology Demonstration Project Award", "Science and Technology Innovation Award", "Outstanding Project Manager".
Among them, “Baoan Center District Tianhong Shopping Center Renovation Project”, “Nantong Maternal and Child Health Hospital Relocation Interior Decoration Project” were honored "Technology Demonstration Project Award". "Intelligent Lighting Control Technology for Underground Garage", "Indoor lighting installation lighting technology", were awarded as "Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Award" and "Outstanding Project Manager" respectively.
Adway construction group adheres to the people-oriented, takes the learning, scientific and innovative development path, and constantly establish and improve enterprise management system, through system innovation to call upon the talents. The group has staff about 280,  which more than 100 are project management staff. The talent echelon covers the economy, management, architecture, structure, civil engineering, electric, water supply and drainage, communications, electromechanics, machinery and automation. The group adheres to the sustainable development, moves ahead, and constantly expands its business scope to enhance the enterprise's radiation and influence.


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