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The Second Standing Committee Meeting of the Fifth Session of CPPCC of Futian District
Published:2017/1/16 Views:10101
The Second Standing Committee Meeting of the Fifth Session of CPPCC of Futian District was held in the district authorities building in the afternoonon of January 15, 2017. The Chairman of the board and CEO of Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holding Co., Ltd, and the member of Futian District CPPCC Standing Committee, Mr. Ye Yujing attended the meeting. The standing committee meeting was to consider the agenda of the second meeting of the fifth session of CPPCC of Futian District that will be held on January 18,2017. The meeting deliberated and adopted the agenda of the Second meeting of the Fifth Session of the Political Consultative Conference; considered and adopted the recommendations of the host, reporter, General Secretary of the second meeting of the Fifth Session of the Futian District CPPCC; reviewed the special guests,attendant, observer and the 2017 annual consultation plan (draft).
The last topic of the meeting was to review the work report and proposal report of the Fifth Standing Committee of the CPPCC. At the meeting, the Standing Committee focused on the work report, repeatedly revised the main issues and elaboration of the topic, to pay more attention to the development of people's livelihood and information disclosure into the report. It pointed out that the future work needs to fully implement the guiding principles of the Eighteenth Party Congress and the spirit of the important series speeches of the General Secretary Xi Jinping at the third,the fourth, the fifth,the sixth plenary session of the 18th of the party committee, with party congress spirit of Futian district as a guide; to adhere and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics as a common ideological and political foundation so as to strengthen the consultation and democratic construction; take full advantage of the features of talent, intelligence-intensive, wide range; know the direction and mission, take courage and responsibility to build Futian; offer advice,consult politics. The working arrangement of 2017 require the CPPCC of Futian make in-depth research and make a good plan to draw the largest concentric circles of the willing of people; focus on the deployment of Futian and innovation of the work; open the consultation pattern and give full play of the role of the committee members  to make new contributions to the  economic and social development of Futian district.

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