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The "13th Five-Year Plan" for Project Cost Draft Released
Published:2016/5/18 Views:6031

The "13th Five-Year Plan of project cost industry (draft) "(referred to as" Plan"), issued by The Standard Department of Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Developmente(MOURD) recently makes it clear to regular the mechanism that market determines the project cost, the project cost management system adaptes to the market economy, which will has been shaped and improved by 2020. The total industry output value reaches 150 billion yuan with the annual output value more than 400,000 yuan per people. It is to build 20 large enterprises to undertake international consulting business, whose output value is over 1 billion Yuan, 100 large and medium-sized enterprises to take consulting with the project cost management as the core integrated business and the output value is of billions of dollars.

"Plan" clearly states to establish a unified market pricing rules, in accordance with the principle of simple adaptation, combination of inheritance and abandoning, form "General Rule of Project Cost Composition" to promote the bill of quantities with international standards, improve the bill of quantities classification rules, serve the engineering construction and urban construction, draw up the integrated corridor of underground, sponge city, green building, low carbon construction and industry modernization, strengthen the market price information, cost indicators, index, engineering case and other types, the professional cost of the comprehensive development and utilization of information, rich and diverse types of information services. Based on BIM technology, with the enterprise database as the support, it will establish project cost management information system. Through the establishment of "blacklist" system, it is to explore the market access and day-to-day supervision in the implementation of different management.   

At the same time, "plan" also stresses to promote the sustainable development of engineering cost industry, innovative development, and to strengthen talent team building through the improvement of the practice education system, implementation of leading personnel program.


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