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"Green Manufacture 2016" Issued by Ministry of Industry and Informatiom Technology: to Regulate Vigorously High Pollution Building Materials Industry
Published:2016/5/31 Views:5938
Ministry of Industry and Informatiom Technology recently released the notice of “Green Manufacture 2016 Special Action Program" from the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization. For the in-depth implementation of "China Manufacture 2025", and the "Green manufacture Engineering Implementation Guide (2016-2020), the Ministry of Industry and Informatiom Technology decided to organize the green manufacture 2016 special action, requiring that provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Industry and Information Technology Departments of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps combine with the region's actual situation, strengthen organization and coordination, conscientiously implement the program.
Green development is one of the five development concepts established at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The Central Economic Work Conference clearly calls for making new breakthroughs in promoting green development. Although China is a big manufacturing country, but not completely get rid of development model of high input, high consumption, high pollution. The constraint of resource and environment is very obvious. "China Manufacture 2025" takes green development as one of the main directions, clearly puts forward the full implementation of green manufacturing. To carry out the green manufacturing special action and implement the green manufacturing project are important points to the five major development concepts and building a strong manufacturing country. It is also an effective way to accelerate the green production mode, increase the supply of green products, reduce pressure on resources and environment, and improve people's quality of life. It is also to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, cultivate new economic growth point, steady growth, structural adjustment and increase the efficiency which is of great significance to promote industrial civilization, ecological civilization and harmonious coexistence.

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